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For All You M4 Lovers


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great pic ,,man,,look at them all,,,some are about too let the shotgun fly out of there hands,,the short redhead has the closest possible proper argessive stance,,,he needs to extend his stock or he will walk around with a crook neck :D ,,,, ;)


[ 04-23-2006, 09:02 AM: Message edited by: M1014 ]

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Come on guys, I'm beginning to think you've all been in a fox hole to long. Maybe I can forgive M1014 with all those M4's on display and firing away, but the rest of you. The short, red-headed marine is a woman !! You go girl smile.gif



Sgt. US Army Military Police (Retired)

Sgt. DoD Police (Retired)

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Well, I am just REALLY REALLY REALLY gald that I did not have a female on combat patrol in 'Nam. Frankly gentlmen, and ladies, (for the few reading this board) females DO NOT belong in mixed gender combat. Their own combat unit, FINE. But they have NO place in mixed gender combat.

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That same issue has had a flame under it for a long time. Back when I was in, women were trying to become crewmembers on Submarines. I am all for women being able to do the jobs, but having men and women together in certain "duties" just won't work, especially with the sexual harassment issues we've had in the last decade or so. I served in the Navy for 4 years, under Bush Sr./Clinton. During that time (at least in the Navy) there were several drastic changes made to policies, concerning the very definition of harassment. I don't want to start a wildfire here, but I have to agree that they (men/women) should not always operate as a collective unit.

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