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Two Hunters Drowned Near Here Today


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Man, hate to hear that. I lost a student way back in the 70s who was trying to duck hunt in high surf and drowned. Still think about that kid now and then. We gotta' be careful about 'testing' nature and know when to quit (although I realize weather may or may not have had anything to do with this case). Please pass along details when they become available. This sort of thing doesn't usually make CNN so we won't hear about it here in Texas.

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Finally saw a few details published today.


Published: December 28, 2008



Two men were killed Saturday after the boat they were in hit some debris in the Dan River in Mecklenburg County, authorities said.

Officials identified the men as Terrell J. Reid, 61, of Lynchburg and James R. Whorley, 60 of Forest.The men had gone duck hunting early in the morning, and authorities believe the boat struck the partially submerged debris about 5 a.m., while it was still dark.

The capsized boat was spotted about 10 a.m., and authorities found the bodies floating in the water.

A hunting dog that had been on the boat survived and was found on the shore, authorities said.

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Guest cleefurd
Were they wearing life jackets?


Good question. Matters not now, and might not have mattered then. But knowing has a tendency to re-enforce "what-if?" resolve, and may save a life down the road.

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