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New BenelliUSA.com Site Launched


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Guest cleefurd

OK I looked at his post history... not so fishy now. Maybe he's just quiet. Still scared to follow the link. Duggan you try it.... I'll cover ya.


Edit. Good web site. Takes a while for the catolog to load, and the drop down tab for the parts sometimes goes behind the wallpaper side tabs. Still a very cool web site.

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It looks really good.

I like the way they've tied all of the relevant information straight to each model's page. Manuals, warranty registrations, etc.

Very clean way to do that!


I have a repeatable glitch with Firefox 3.1b2 and Google Chrome.

I lose the navigation bars when I leave the main page and come back to it.

I can only get it back by clearing the cache and reloading. A standard refresh doesn't get them back.


Here's how it looks when I leave it and go back to it.

You may want to test more with Firefox and Google.

I'll load Safari and try that later.



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Change is good :D that is why i picked up a 257 Weatherby Mag SUB MOA! First bolt for me and i installed an FXIII 6x42 and will be checking it out this week! Plus navigating this new look, i guess the 2009 stuff is here somewhere or NOT? NOT

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The M4 comes in a 20 guage? "Now the same Benelli M4 used by the U.S. Marine Corps can be your home defense shotgun of choice. When the U.S. Marine Corps went shopping for a shotgun, they bought the M4 — the 12-gauge shotgun and 20-gauge shotgun that functions the first time, every time."


The new site is a definite improvement.


P.S. If you want to view websites - just use IE and quit wasting you time trying to make something else work just because it doesn't say "*********". :-)

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The cache problem was the first thing I noticed. It is being addressed now. Thanks for the positive feedback. We have not yet had a chance to fully test drive this new site, but initially it behaves like a Ferarri instead of our old Cadillac. There are always glitches to take care of. So if you find anymore, please let us know. Thanks to you all. :)

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So far I like the new site - nice graphics, easy to navigate, and decent load speed.


I purchased a new SBE II and just finished completing the warranty registration. No problems with the registration, but it would be nice if after clicking the "submit" buttion an acknowledgement page indicating successful warranty submission is displayed rather than being returned to the "warranty information" page. I think my warranty registration was successful?


BTW, my browser is MS Internet Explorer.

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