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M4 or FN SLP Tactical?


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There are no longer barrels.


If you are good with rifle sights, the m4 works fine for clays. Most people just can't use them correctly it seems.


As far as which to get ... I dunno, I've never shot an SLP tactical.


I'll just say however, that it would have to be a truly incredible gun to make me even think about switching away from the m4.

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The gun closer to the SLP in price is the M2 tactical, but if you're comparing gas gun to gas gun, then the comment is moot.

I looked at the SLP, M2 and M4... I bought the M2 for my needs, and no, price was not an issue.



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I don't know if this matters to some but it does to me.

One thing that also swayed me towards Benelli years ago was the fit and finish. When you put a FN, 870 or similar tacticals next to a Benelli they look a bit raw like someon forgot the last coat of finish.

Sure they are tactical shotguns put the pasty flat black paintjobs and sometimes poor paintjobs in general are a real deal breaker to me. Both of the FN's and 870's I looked at had the same wear on things like the action bars as my SNT did with 2,000 rounds through it.

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