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M4 standard stock


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no I don't mind,,,you've helped alot of members here ,,,the standard stock has the best natural fit and feel,,it has all the versatile features of all other configurations in one stock,,it also snaps up to the shoulder much faster than the others,,theres no draw back at all for its non collapsability or its lack of full pistolgrip,,its really the best all around stock for every situation,,theres a couple of dealers down here that might be able to help :cool:

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Hi all,

This is my first post. I've been lurking for awhile--I'm very thankful to all the helpful people here. Ok, here's my question;

I just got my standard stock from Numrich and I'm trying to figure out how to mount the thing. I thought it would mount just like the other stocks... meaning the inside of the "neck" would be threaded (like the pistol grip stock and the pistol grip of the collapsible stock) and it would simply thread onto the receiver. However no threads on this thing. Can someone who has this stock throw me a bone?

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It still spins on. The difference is that there is a threaded pin inside the stock. There is also a threaded hole in the end of the buffer tube.


I mounted a SpeedFeed M1S90 Stock to my M4, using a metric bolt, and the hole in the end of the recoil spring tube.


When did you order yours? I placed an order on Oct 26. They said it was Back ordered. That was the last I've heard.

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Well I feel like a bit of a dolt for posting my question... after going and actually giving it a try it threaded right on.


You placed your order on October 26? You need to give them a call. I placed my order on December 5th and it arrived today.


I really like this stock. It gives the gun a totally different feel--shoulders so much better. Snaps right into a good feeling mount. I have tried the standard pistol grip and the collapsible stocks and this is the one that will stay on the gun.


Thanks again everyone.


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