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Titanium charging handle...


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My current 3/4" model is great and does not rotate. Eyeing that Ti 1/2" model and they claim it fits as well. Already using the Surefire forearm so I'll pass on the FFT model. Great for those seeking 922r compliance though.


You we're soooo RIGHT! BigHat :D FFT's 1/2" Ti Charging Handles are awesome.

Here are some Pics



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Last Pic!



And guess what guys.......Dang it, my wife seen the charge. Now I don't know how long it will I'll have to wait, until I purchase the GG&G Bolt Release Pad.



As of now, she still don't know I have two of Kips FL Ti OEM Tubes coming. I can feel the hurt now, but I'm gonna feel good when they arrive.:D and of course the Forearm from FFT.





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Just added FFT 1/2 inch Ti charging handle and the GG&G bolt release pad to my M4. Had the gun stripped and cleaned sonically at the same time when the gunsmith installed the bolt release pad. After 25 rounds of LE low recoil slugs and 00 buckshot the bolt jammed open. Loved the function of the pad bolt release until this happened. Had to leave the gun with the gunsmith to let him figure out what t.he problem is. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Not enough lube or loads too weak to cycle properly. Had never had a problem before in over 1 year of regular shooting, but had not used the low recoil rounds previously.

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