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Benelli M4 -- Aimpoint T1 Yay or Nay


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What are your guys opinions on running an Aimpoint T1 on the Benelli M4? In my opinion, it's the only optic really worth considering on the M4.


I had an Eotech on it at one time, but it was too big and gave you tunnel vision.


Since I've 86'ed the factory rail for the much better Sidearmor one, I'd give it a chance with the LaRue low mount.


I had an Aimpoint CompM4, but sold it due to the weight on my SBR. The T1 is around 4 ounces. Probably a bit more with Marks mount though.


I'm curious to know if this optic will hinder or help.


Since it is my first father's day coming up, and I sold around 400 dollars worth of misc gun crap this week, I'm seriously considering it. From the man himself, it's 640 dollars with the mount.



Unless your kicking down Doors , like the task force or feds I wouldn't recommend one there is no need for it , i have it and took it off it gets in the way now it just sits there on my shelf $500 paper weight/conversation piece LOL !!! IMHO

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Knocking down doors might be better suited for the 14 inch which I wish I could more easily collect. I agree its a bit overkill so to speak, I have used this sight at the range and it works great and easy to zero. Its bullet proof again - so to speak, and makes the weapon almost too easy to aim, like cheating or no-brain-er compared to the irons. There is unlimited eye relief, but you do have to get on the sight which is very quick even with the stock in the first position, closed stock is awkward even with it out front on the rail. It also removes easily, so I also used it on my 15PC before getting the IOR 2-12. I am aware of said weakness of the stock rail and any added effort over smaller more compact sights which would likely make a better permanent mount. The 8 (night sight) and 8 red dot settings are great for adjusting size of dot and complement the tritium night sights made for the M4. I will let you know how it works out.

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While I don't kick down doors usually, I do spend quite a bit of time outdoors in low light. I've found the RDS to greatly increase my targeting times in poor light. The lack of a sight tower allows for a greater FOV.

I do night time geocaching in remote areas to keep in shape, practice my night time navigation skills, coarse plotting and to test weapons. How they carry and respond to threats in the field. We get 'yotes and wild pigs that can be dangerous in many areas the loot exists. Moreso the pigs. I now use t-1's exclusively on my weapons with zero magnification. The tritium front sight tends to wash out when you hit the weapon light. It is a struggle to see during a rapid shot.


If you have kids, I highly recommend giving the geocaching a try. They're everywhere and the kids have a great time outdoors. I'm about to start hiding them myself under my alter ego, The Tear Jerker. They're going to be hard. ;)

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I forgot to add photos to this thread. I'll take better photos in the field now that I can be a daywalker again.


Who makes the rail covers that you're using that hold down the wire? I know that LaRue's latest "Index Clips" offer this feature, but yours are something different and something that I haven't seen before. Thanks!

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