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Which Benelli to buy? HELP!


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I will be purchasing a new shotgun for shooting targets this spring, and need some help determing which model is the best fit for my use.


Here are the specs:


1. I am not a hunter.

2. I do not shoot competitively.

3. The gun will not see rain or other adverse conditions.

4. I have no need to shoot magnum loads.

5. The gun will have a walnut stock.


I have narrowed my selection to M2 or a Montefeltro.


What are to main differences between the models?

Does one have an advantage over the other?

Barrel length?


Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

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Guest McDaddy

I'm not sure of the technical differences but if I was only shooting clays and my choices are the M2 vs. Monte and walnut is a must, then go for the Montefeltro or Montefeltro Silver, no less than 28 inch barrel and ported. The finish and wood on the Monte's are much better looking than the M2 (if you are standing on a 25 yard line). M2 is the gun for birds...IMHO. However, did someone say Supersport?

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5. The gun will have a walnut stock.


If the gun needs to have a walnut stock go with the Monte, you will save yourself the trouble of switching out the stocks on the M2.


You could also look at the Sport II for the walnut. I have an M2 that I use for hunting and for semi-competition and it performs beautifully. You really won't be disappointed in either.

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Here is the list of guns that I would choose (based on your wants) strictly for range shooting, Starting with my FAV to least FAV with the specifications you listed kept in mind. Remember you get what you pay for and at the range with a range only gun you better be real cool. Personally if I had a range only gun it would be an over and under with engravings, but that's just me. Hope this helps:

Legacy Sport




Montefeltro Silver


Super Sport and Sport II


Good Luck, Hope you get what you want, for the present and future with this gun. Make the right choice and you will be happy for many years to come! :D

And yes I know he narrowed his search, but keeping an open mind is the key to a happy life.

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yeah but some day you may NEED to hunt a 2-legged animal and the m4 would be your best choice for the task!!!!!:D


I already have an M4 with a full legth tube and collapsable stock. I agree that it would be MORE than up to the task.


I need a target gun now.

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