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Carriercomp Benelli M4 Muzzle Brake Store listing.

Guest cleefurd

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Guest cleefurd

The muzzle brakes and associated externally threaded chokes are now on hand , please pardon the delayed listing, having a hard time finding the time to get the photo-shoot organized for the available options in...


  • the OEM comfiguration made by carriercomp

along with the following two variants we keep on hand in small quantities;

  • a 4 point nose with larger holes made by Royal Arms
  • a 12 point nose also made by Royal Arms.

The stainless heat treated choke tubes are usually LEO/mil only and as such are not what I'd consider "skeet-grade" with respect to the internal honing. They are for a 922R line item (muzzle attachment) which is typically an import item,

but available through us since we only supply them with muzzle brakes of domestic manufacture.


Royal Arms makes the required choke, which is stout and to proper constriction spec's, but a little rough on the inside. For that reason we are selling their externally threaded chokes at two price points, meaning any choke that is beeeeeaaautiful inside and out will sell at Royal Arm's MSRP while supplies last, and all "run-of-the-mill" samples will sell at our cost which is significantly less and will be available at this price differential once listed under a "blemish/2nds" category.


This keeps us from having to request an exchange for a level of "Perfection" Royal Arms may not cater to, while simultaneously offering our customers distributor pricing for a service grade component that is 100% servicable in spite of minor imperfections. In both instances the choke is properly guaged to specified constriction, and of certified 17-4 stainless heat treated to service grade requirements as dictated by Benelli, whom Royal Arms makes these for. This option also eliminates any "luck-o-the-draw" mentality other distributors might subject consumers to.



ALL items are US made (the carriercomp muzzle brake is stamped as such and the Royal Arms variants are traceable via our distributorship agreement with them).


I will list them this week. Thank You for the reminder Decodence.

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