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Carriercomp Benelli M4 Muzzle Brake Store listing.

Guest cleefurd

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Sounds great Kip. Two questions, and my apologies if I have missed this in a previous post:


How much these suckers running? and is it possible to get a rail at the same time? If so, I would like to knock out two birds in one volley. thanks.



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Hey Kip!!


Put me in line for


1 Muzzle Brake -plus- Matching modified choke


1 Bolt Knob


1 Benelli M4 Picatinny Rail



You can send it as a package at your convenience


I also PM you with my personal info


BTW your Ti Tube is awesome!!

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Kip, thanks for the updated info and slotting me into the line for the muzzle break.

If this is not too much hassle, I would also officially like to be placed on the list for a bolt handle as well.

It's a pleasure supporting you and your gunsmithing endeavors. I could not be more pleased to know that my purchase is helping your cause along in supplying great quality, American made parts.

Thanks for all that you are doing!

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Guest cleefurd

Please see 2 (two) additional images added at post # 1;


Side profile of recently anodized carriercomp prototype.



"US" stamp (small) at top of taper.


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Guest cleefurd

Added images;


Note reverse side removal of incorrect labeling (pictured). The original marks can still be read under good lighting, and read "FULL-LEAD".


Chokes represent constriction from bore, rather than a standard size. For example;


-.01 from bore dia = imp/cyl. Hence a .720" choke is an "IMP-CYL" to a .730 Beretta or Benelli, but represents a "MOD" choke relevant to a Browning 12GA bore, which is .742".

That is why most choke charts relate the correlating choke to a "minus" value, as opposed to a standard size, since it is relevant to the parent/manufacturer's bore diameter.


In this case, Royal Arms mis-marked them, then corrected it by properly marking them on the reverse side to Benelli spec's.



Observed dimension is correct for Benelli/Beretta "IMP/CYL" being at or near MINUS .01" from their bore diameter standard.


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Guest cleefurd

Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in verbal orders for these brakes.


Due to Benelli Forum guidelines, similar requests/commitments for other product releases (picatinny rails and bolt knobs, etc) should be limited to in-store, Gunbroker, or similar procurement avenues.


I will contact all individuals who spoke for the brakes only when they return from the anodizer with cost and payment details if they still are interested.


Carriercomp will continue to provide updates regarding availabilty of other items as they near listing status.

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