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The Official Post Your Benelli Thread


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I searched but didn't see one... I was shocked! If I missed it let me know!


So, lets have an official picture thread. How about some specs of the gun and any add-ons.


I will start... here is mine the day it was brought home.


*HK marked M1 S90.

*I painted the front site orange.

*Installed a Wolf +25% power spring.

*Installed a Benelli factory extension.

*Swapped out for a field stock.


I will post an updated pic as soon as I get the Mesa shell holder installed.

*I have a Mesa rail/shell carrier on the way.





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In before I mount this. Screw bayonets...






1000mw of good times...

Order placed.



Therefore, this laser's beam exceeds the skin exposure MPE by ( 15 / 0.2 ) = 75 times. At this level of irradiance, skin exposure to the intense blue laser light can possibly cause cancer. Do not allow bare skin to be exposed, including your face when wearing safety goggles, to light diffusely reflected from any surface closer than several inches. This laser is a thousand times stronger than sunlight on skin and any type of exposure should be avoided whether it be from the collimated beam or close exposure to its bright diffused reflections.

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Same diode and output. Seriously dangerous laser. Fear not, it'll be banned in California shortly I'm sure.


Reflections off of white walls could be enough to arc flash you without protective glasses.


That bird that craps on my car is screwed. If you see a blue dot on the dark side of the moon, you'll know I got it.

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