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M4 Collapsing Stock **Good News**


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If you are Law Enforcement and have the M4 shotgun, you can order the M4 Collapsible Stock directley from Benelli. They charge $150.00.. All you need is a letter head from your agency. As far as the full length magazine tubes, they dont have them. All they sell are the shot extension tubes for $75.00... Im still waiting on Kips full length myself :)


Good Luck!!!

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But. . . if Benelli catches a wiff of people making money off of their access, then all too soon those letters will require CHIEF signatures. Some agencies, the Chiefs don't even like guns, much less let one of their own have a "scary" gun like a Benneli M4 w/ CS stock.


It is sad that the black market has allowed itself to get to the point of $600+ CS stocks. It is sad that Benelli can't offer them to Joe Public for lets say. . . $250, $200 to LE and $150 or so for military. BUT. . . it's not that way. Why less for military? Because GOD or what ever power that be please watch over our brothers/sisters/sons/daughters/moms and dads for being in the hellhole of the "sandbox" doing what they do!! Thank you Vets!!!


Sorry, got off topic a bit. beat me with the wet noodle on Tuesday after 5pm please. ;)

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It is sad that Benelli can't offer them to Joe Public for lets say. . . $250, $200

its not rocket science as to why Benelli doesnt agressively sell their tactical parts to regular civi's!! they sell mainly sporting/hunting shotguns and ALOT of them in the U.S. and since the "LIBTARD" politicians seem to pass most of the LAME-A$$ "We hate guns and want them gone" LAWS, Benelli doesnt want to jeopardize their main U.S. income!!;) throw out ALL DUMOCR-PS in office, and maybe it will change!!:cool:

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