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M4 and Sidearmor - Pic


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Managed to get my Benelli a little closer to its final configuration. Added the newer Sidearmor rail system, eight round sidesaddle, Sidearmor Aimpoint mount, Aimpoint Comp ML2, and a collapsible buttstock. I'll probably end up getting a SA two round holder and still need to figure out what light to throw on it. So far so good....



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i've got a question regarding the shell holder:

is there enough space between the top rail and the shell holder for a QD mount?

i tried with the MK1 sidearmor, and f.e. my aimpoint comp m4s QRP2 mount was sitting too low, scratching the shell holder.

did that change in the new version?

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You'd also shed a lot of weight. That's one thing about your setup that struck me. Looks heavy.


I already had the Aimpoint ML2 in hand, and the total weight would be about 6ozs saved, so right now I don't see the benefit in spending another $600 to save 6oz.


For the question about the shell carrier and clearance issue:


I tried to check it with my Comp M4 mount, but didn't want to remove my Aimpoint since I've alredy mounted and loctited it in place. The thumbscrew looks like it will clear, but no more than a few thousands of an inch, and only if you mount between the Sidearmor and shell carrier mounting points - there's apprx a 1.5 inch space when the thumbscrew could be placed. Hope that makes sense....

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