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WTS: Brand New 922(r) Compliant Benelli M4


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I am offering for sale my NIB Benelli #11707 M4 shotgun with collapsible stock and full-length magazine tube. I bought it brand new from a dealer 5 months ago, and it has sat unfired in my safe. The BATF has ruled that in order to legally install a telescoping stock and full-capacity magazine tube on an M4 and meet 922® compliancy, FOUR factory Benelli parts from the list must be replaced with US-made parts. This shotgun is completely 922® compliant with the following US-made parts:


KZ Railed Forearm (one part)

CarrierComp Titanium Magazine Tube And Follower (two parts)

Geissele Hammer (one part)


Included are the owner's manual, spare parts list, and all factory parts that were removed in order to replace them with 922® compliant parts (with the exception of the factory stock that came on it). Also included are a TangoDown vertical grip and two rail covers. I will attempt to ship the factory box as well, if I can fit everything inside it and find another box to package the factory box inside of.


I really hate to let this one go, especially since the BATF is currently re-evaluating its stance on the importation of certain semi-auto shotguns. I've owned two other M4 shotguns in the past, sold them, missed them, and bought replacements each time. But, my wife is wanting a newer Jeep Wrangler, so some of my safe queens must go.


$2300 + actual shipping charges via USPS Priority Mail or UPS (buyer's choice). Payment via USPS money orders or discreet online payment service +4% (you know the one). Thanks for looking.

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Overpriced....Dont care what anyone says....


People can price what they wish to sell at what they think they can get for it. No ones cares what YOU think about the price either. Don't like it? Don't buy it.


There are plenty of sites where opinions/snide remarks about the value of an item for sale is expressly prohibited and grounds for suspension. It should be the same here.

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Yours is the first photo of a mounted KZ forearm that I've seen.


What's your opinion the fit and finish?


I personally feel that it is a fine set-up. Tight fit with no play, and the finish was fine as well. Granted, it's heavier than the factory handguards, but the fact that I removed the factory rail and also installed a titanium magazine tube offset a lot of that.

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