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Looking to get a Benelli M4 Shotgun.

Heather Gaston

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Heather - welcome to the forum - lot of good info and friendly advise to be had here. If you spend some time searching the site, just about every option/accessory has been discussed. In my view, if you can find one nearly new in stock condition, your boyfriend can than build it to suit his needs. Nice of you to do that for him and I commend you for this choice. I'll trust as a condition of the gift, you maintain user rights :)

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I'm looking to get a Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun. For my boyfriend and I'm trying to find a good price and also maybe a few other things that he might like to go along with it. So if you could be some help I would gladly welcome it.


we have a member here uno damn I can not spell his user name,lol but he has one for sale with I belive a few 922 parts and a full length tube. I belive he has a C-stock for sale also maybe a package deal? he should see this post monday and post what and if he still has it.

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I don't know Unobtainium but from reading his posts and exchanging a few PMs I have concluded that he's a very bright guy and really knows his Benellis, especially the M4...this IMO would translate into a gun that isn't put together wrong or trashed. If I was in the market to buy a used, tricked out M4 I would not hesitate to contact him.


Before you buy, please consider sending a PM to Unobtainium.

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Thanks all! I have one person who I feel might well go for it, but if that falls through, I am prepared to start a line. This is a sick-house deal, so take a number if the person who is interested currently backs off on it.


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Looks like mine is spoken for, but you can always get in line in case the deal falls through.




What you will need to make the M4 as fun as it can be:

7-shot mag-tube made in the US

US made follower

FFT handguards -or- Guissele hammer.


The Collapsible stock is a CDI item unless you are going to run optics, and then it becomes very important. Or, if you are shorter (

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