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magazine spring seal ring...is it necessary/needed?


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Hi All...


Long time lurker - first time poster.


I just installed an OEM +2 mag extension on my M4. The magazine spring seal ring was seated at the half-way position within the OEM mag extension and was preventing a full load of cartridges (only 5 could load).


I did a couple of searches here in the forums and didn't find anything that indicated that the magazine spring seal ring was a critical component. If removed, the mag screw would just fulfill the function of the magazine spring seal ring.


I removed the magazine spring seal ring, reassembled the weapon, and now the weapon loads 7 cartridges as expected.


So, here's my question:


Is the magazine spring seal ring necessary? Should I reinstall the magazine spring seal ring or is it even needed?


What has been everybody's experience here?


Thanks for the help.



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I am guessing M4? if so just put it back in at the top. no need to shove it all the way down the tube.

I dont see why you would need it other than when taking down the gun the spring will fly out when you take the cap off. I guess no big deal realy but just not the easyest way.


Thanks for your reply.


Yes, M4.


As you suggested, my intention was to re-install the magazine spring seal ring at the top. It appears this is the way to go. I'll make it happen.



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Not major important, I took mine off because I was tired of geting the pliers to pull it out, and fighting with the cat over it if it flew off to a corner. Just wear safty eyes when you unscrew the mag cap if you are not going to use it.



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The spring retainer isn't mandatory. Some even say they get a little more room inside the magazine tube to deal with slightly out of spec shotgun shells. My M4 never had one in it when I purchased it. I never knew I was missing anything until about two years ago. I bought one from Brownells and put it in. I find it to be better to have the retainer in than out. Usually, I have little reason to disassemble the magazine tube.

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Not necessary, but nice. All you do is hook the lip of the charging-handle (bolt-handle) under it and pull it out. To put it back in, you grasp it firmly with your thumb and index finger, compress it, and get it started, then with the palm of your hand tap it until it's seated in the mag-tube. No pliers are needed for this.

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