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Dave's Metal Works Oversize Safety Button


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I noticed this when I bought mine as well. Seems like a cost saving measure for DMW. Getting the retention detent out without destroying the spring is the hard part. I wish DMW supplied or sold a tool modified to compress the spring while driving out the retention pin. No matter how hard you try, 1/8 inch of the spring usually ends up getting mashed.


Removal of several coils on this spring does make the safety much easier to engage and disengage. Remove too many coils, and it is unsafe.

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I may have posted these photos before, but a simple fork tool to compress the safety spring is pretty handy. The diameter of the spring tunnel is not much larger than the diameter of the retaining roll pin which makes the tolerance fit for the tool really close !.....I am certain there is some special XYZ factory tool employed for this task.



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It doesn't matter what the safety position status is; the center of the safety is symmetrical allowing the detent plunger to fall into either detent and also to accommodate switching it about for left hand preference. Always remember to check the function of the safety in the trigger group while it is removed from the receiver and to re-cock the hammer and depress the bolt latch while re-installing the trigger group. Photo might help.


Attempting to maintaining the red paint on the enlarged safety will probable not be durable as there is no circular recess for the paint to remain within; the close tolerance of the smooth surface aftermarket part will quickly remove it.


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