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Picked Up an M4 H2O


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Hi guys, Below is a link to an image shack album of some pics of my new M4 H20. To be honest I am not impressed with the finish. It seems very, very thin and weak. You can see an area on the barrel where it meets the mag tube lug where the finish is missing (no, that isn't washout from the flash). There are also several scratches on the barrel that seem to have been coated over (poor metal prep prior to applying the finish?).


The internals just appear to be coated with the finish. In fact, the shell drop lever was inoperable until I worked it up and down a bit. Also, there is no oil on the gun, just some sort of dry (graphite?) lube.


MY OPINION: Not worth it unless you are a collector or want it for the factory "legal" magazine tube and collapsible stock. http://imageshack.us/g/692/m4h2otrigger2z.jpg/ Not sure about mine. I might end up selling it soon to fund a .308 as I already have a few M4s . . . I just saw this one and thought I could give it a good home.


Edit: sorry if it is a wall of text. When I typed into post box it looked nicely formatted.

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Thanks for posting your opinion. I'll admit I was a little peeved when they announced the H2O right after I got my black M4. This always happens to me though, I buy an new phone/gun/TV etc and shortly after then new great thing comes out. Based on your findings though, I'll stop envying and enjoy my black M4, especially since I was able to get a c stock at a reasonable price.


I just bought a .308 myself, should get here Thursday. What are you looking at?

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I have the same issue super thin finish I haven’t even handled the gun for more than a total of 24 hours and the finish is wearing around the edges. Where the fake mag extension meets the tube isn’t finished at all!! For what I paid extra to have this finish I’m really disappointed. Also I’ve noticed other h20 models have the internal and coated.


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I think the cerakote is a nice finish, and as I don't plan on keeping it in a case all its life, the finish will get scuffed over time. Maybe some day I'll redo it to another cerakote color scheme :)

24 hours though? Benelli does warranty the firearm, if there's a problem with the finish give them a call?

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Mine was purchased about three years ago.  The H20 finish is not very durable or thick.  The sharp edges of the receiver are showing black and scratches very easily.  It may stop corrosion, but most likely I will never know that to be true or not.  The internal coating is not showing any noticeable wear.  I removed the rail and there are black lines where the rail contacted the receiver.   I have made other changes with replacing the recoil pad with a Limbsaver, standard capacity seven round magazine, Briley trigger and the A&S guard, oversized safety and bolt knob.  The original trigger seemed to be about a 12 pounder and the Briley fixed that.  The recoil pad was appreciated due to my use of Brennke Black Magic slugs.  The bolt knob was the only change that did not work out as it fell out of the bolt.  I reinstalled the OEM and fitted a rubber grommet type rubber over the OEM knob and that was a surprising cheap fix.  

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