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.22 cal Who owns one ? I'm looking to get one and was wondering what y'all recommend


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.22 cal Who owns one ? I'm looking to get one and was wondering what y'all recommend.


I hear Ruger makes nice ones .




UPDATE * UPDATE * UPDATE * ***********



I forgot to mention LONG RIFLE .22 All purpose mainly tinkering with sights.

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I have a few different .22 lr handguns. It really depends on what you want to do with it. Plink, train, etc, etc. The ones I have are a Heavily modded Ruger MKIII, a few Ruger single action revolvers, and an ISSC M22. The ISSC looks and feels like a Glock 19. There are LOTS of options these days. Best if you can get to a place where you can try a few out. Are there any ranges in your area that rent them?

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You didn't specify rifle or sidearm.


If you want a tack driving .22 rifle then I suggest a good clean used Marlin Golden 39A (or 39M), preferably pre-crossbolt safety. Avoid 'Rem-lins' (any Marlin made in the past couple of years in the Remington plant after 'Freedom' Group closed the New Haven plant). 10/22 rifles are nice rifles and I have one myself, but bone stock they are only so-so however there are tons of aftermarket barrels and such to tighten up your groups with.I


If you're wanting a pistol Ruger makes the very nice Single Six and their Mark II series (my gunsmith advises avoiding the Mark III Ruger pistols) - have no info regarding Ruger's latest .22 pistol the SR22 but I like the looks of it. I have a Browning Buckmark I'm very pleased with. I hear the Beretta Neos is uber accurate but I don't like the position of the safety, difficult to acquire quickly.

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The Ruger is by far the best choice in semi-automatic.

The platform features a multitude of options from bone stock all the way up to custom rifles costing thousands, from component makers like Kidd.


Bolt actions:

Budget - Savage

Middle - CZ

Top - Anschutz

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I tend to like older .22's so I bought a ROSSI model 62. There's nothing like a pump with and exposed hammer. Love the long octogon barrel. S&W makes some semi-auto's that look like MP5's and they're a hoot to shoot. Also have a rare Browning pump action called a Trombone model (sold in Europe and Canada). Both the ROSSI and Browning are take down models. And of course I have a Thompson Center model R-55 Classic, semi-auto rifle, when it absolutey, positively has to be dead on the first shot out to 100 yards.

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The U.S. Henry Survival......only 16" long stowed, quickly assembled, I mount a red dot scope with a 3/8" dovetail-to-picatinny rail conversion (has a standard peep sight, fabricated a quick disconnect sling attachment, it floats, uses 8 round .22LR magazines, is very accurate and lightweight.


The Remington Nylon 66 is also one my favorites.

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Guest cleefurd


To me it's the ultimate transformer.

Owned this one for a very long time in very basic form.

This past February decided to try dabbling in marksmanship as part of therapy for a wrist injury.

Added a decent barrel, cheap Vintage rear sight and modern front sight. Good trigger etc.

Took it to an Applleseed shoot and shot a perfect 250. As far as the event coordinators are aware, that has never been done before.

The 10/22 can be adapted to just about any role you want, or left as is.


FYI this is all from 25 yards, off-hand, sitting, prone rapid, and prone slow. 4 stages, 10 rds each.

The gun will shoot MUCH better sandbagged.


I've seen folks with scopes and bone stock 10/22's that shoot nearly as well.





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