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The Forum's been Quiet, Non-Benelli related projects.


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Hi all,

It's been pretty quiet here beyond the schizophrenic spam postings. So I figured I'd post up a project I've been working on lately.


I'm building a dedicated 9mm AR15 on a DDLES Glock magazine lower. Basically, it's a lower cut specifically to use Glock magazines. Mainly the 33 round factory mags which I have 13 of.


Currently, the build is being set up as a pistol while I get off my butt and get my NFA Trust rolling. Then it'll be converted to a SBR.


I spend a few hours in the garage today modifying the crap out of a Noveske NSR 7" rail. I was struggling with how to mount a weapon light on such a short rail. The muzzle of the BCM chrome lined 9mm barrel is only going to stick out about two inches past the NSR once it comes back from ADCO. Naturally I didn't want the weapon light sticking out past the barrel and being counterproductive to my compact package.


So I decided to go with a Surefire X300 Ultra at 500 lumens. I then purchased a Mossie Tactical mount that attaches to my Troy Industries Front Sight. I then got out the hacksaw and began carving up the NSR rail so I could shift the light and mount assembly further back relative to the rail. I then filed all the sharp edges and beveled everything so it looks factory. I then refinished the bare aluminum with Alumablack. This moved the light about 2.5 inches back. This put the activation rocker switches in the ideal location for such a short rail. I'm not a fan of tape switches, so they were out of the question.


I'm still awaiting the delivery of my lower. I have a PWS pistol buffer for the extension for now. A single stage Geissele 3 Gun Trigger. Battle Arms Development 45 degree selector. Ambidextrous Raptor Charging handle. Magpul MOE K Grip. 12 ounce heavy 9mm buffer. Colt small parts.


I still need to order an Aimpoint T1 2moa dot on an absolute co-witness LaRue mount.


Here's what I have so far. The lower is just a place holder and test bed until the DDLES lower arrives.





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You ended up building that Glockworkz pistol? How's it shoot?

yes it took me 500-1000 rounds to get used to shooting with red dot. it was pretty bad for awhile almost like i was shooting with my eyes closed the groupes were so bad,lol


but now I can keep groups tighter and I shoot it fast ( well for me fast at least ) I try and target shoot with it and I just cant. It makes me shoot fast lol.

I will see if i can post video.

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@StrangerDanger: That is awesome. I want to know how it shoots compared to the MP5. Looks like it would be superb.


@Rocket: How does that glock shoot? Is it what you wanted? How does it run after the work? Any jams or issues?

yes it is exactly what I wanted and only had 1 issue when I brought it to range first time no lube just shot and had 1 jam with junk reloads, prob have close to 2000 rounds threw it already with no other issues at all.


funny but my kid has only been to range 5-6 times all with long guns maybe 1 time hand gun and she shoots this glock like a damn pro. at 15 yrds she blow out the X no problem. only 2 times with hand gun

in summer when she is out of school I am getting her (and myself) so instruction and then inter her in some comps

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My build is in direct comparison to an HK MP5. I find the AR platform has a lot more flexibility in the aftermarket. Example, the BAD ASS short throw selector is absolutely perfect. It's a precision machines part where as lowers like on the HK, FN Scar or the gang raped ACR leave a lot to be desired. Trigger options are extremely limited too.


I do wish I could get the roller lock setup like the HK instead of just a blow back design. The charging handle of the MP5 is a lot more intuitive than the AR charging handle. It's easier to manipulate. I also like the additional paddle magazine release on the MP5.


I picked up my DDLES lower today. My PWS pistol extension came in as well. There is enough purchase area to put the buffer against your shoulder.

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Here's a non-Benelli project I finished this summer......a Winchester Model 1903, this one manufactured in 1906.

In 1933, the model was re-named the Model 63 and produced until 1958.


It is the first civilian semi-auto rifle produced, using the Winchester .22 Auto cartridge, not the same as a regular .22 cal.


Used to great grandpa's.....family member found it last year in an old box.......don't think it was ever cleaned, certainly used....the forend was held together with bailing wire. Complete restoration inside / out with fabricated stock of higher grade. Haven't shot it yet, but it was in perfect mechanical order internally, I just polished and re-blued all the parts.





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Got some parts in today for my 9mm AR15 pistol. Pretty much finished up the lower. Friday, the barrel, 11 Glock 33 Round mags, and two pouches that hold six 33 round magazines from Olongapo will arrive.


The lower went together as expected. The DDLES lower is beautiful. It is machined to match the VLTOR upper receiver perfectly. Given the design of the weapon, I opted for HK style color markings. So I filled in many of the engravings with red and white lacquer.


I went with a Magpul MOE K Grip this time. It is definitely different than the MIAD grip. It has a HK feel to it. It isn't very aggressive in texture. It's extremely thin too. The steep angle allows you to hold the weapon closer to your body without straining your wrist. This really helps when snugging up on the buffer tube.


A Battle Arms Development (BAD) Combat Ambidextrous Safety (CAS) Short Throw (ST) was installed. This gives you the 45 degree selector movement. Light years better than the older 90 degree movement. The ST model had to be modified to fit this lower receiver, since the receiver wasn't adapted for the short throw design.


A Geissele Super Dynamic Three Gun Trigger was used. Basically it's a crisp single stage trigger with an extremely short reset.


A PWS Pistol Buffer assembly was used until I get my tax stamp. I like the QD connectors on the PWS tubes. They also support the buffer far better than most receiver extensions. It avoids using those castle nuts too. A heavy 12 ounce buffer was purchased specifically to run 9mm. The buffer is slightly longer than the regular carbine buffers to limit rearward travel of the bolt carrier.


A Magpul MS3 QD sling was added. This sling is hard to beat on such a compact weapon.


All remaining small parts are Colt production.


I redid my rail covers near the weapon light. I spent some more time on this area and relieved the area behind the panels with a dremel. This removed less material and appears that it wasn't modified to allow for the light mount to bypass the covers.


The barrel that is arriving is a 10" chrome lined 9mm barrel. Once I determine the appropriate length to place the Vortex roughly shown in the photos, the barrel will be sent off to ADCO for chopping, re-threading and possibly contouring the barrel down to reduce weight.


Mainly I'm just waiting on the bolt carrier to ship from DDLES. When I get paid again, I'll order the Aimpoint T1 2moa dot on a LaRue absolute co-witness mount.





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Ongoing HK MR556A1 project.....almost done.

Going to keep this one simple, just added a few necessary parts and swap out the fixed factory sights; the rear is too tall to fit under the optic and neither are tall enough to co-witness. The HK flip up sights, same problem. Plan on getting the Knights Armament off set 600 meter folding sights; these will solve the sight issues.




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The red is a little lighter than I had hoped. Crappy camera phone gives it the 'Timmy the Raping Clown red' look. I bought the lacquer stik's from Brownells.


If you hit the coloring with a strong solvent like BreakFree or soak it in Mineral Spirits, it will start to come off. Supposedly it takes a set after a few days and becomes semi-permanent. It's pretty easy to touch up. I hit the stick with a heatgun until it started to melt, and just dabbed it into the fill areas. I then heated the surface area with the heatgun so it melted and filled the lettering in evenly. I then let it dry some. I wiped away the excess with a rag that had some Mineral Spirits on it.

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