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New Proud Portrait for all those who voted for him...


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remember....america is a business more than it will ever be a country. this is just the gov't ploy on how to juice more money out of people for firearms. like chris rock said back a while ago..."we don't need gun control, we need bullet control"..."bullets should cost $5000 each" or something like that...i guarantee you barry o saw this when it first came out on HBO!


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Me too but at least our people can still move the photo around and blast it at those who did M4... I like to think NONE of the people I know did but he DID get back in so, ya know....


I just thought the photo was VERY apt considering the state of things...

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i didn't vote for anybody to tell u the truth. i never liked "change" and mitt was an oddball to me. hopefully next time they have better teams playing in the "world series or power".


Until the two party stranglehold is broken, the choices will continue to be between bad and different bad.

They have institutionalized the process and the media pays no attention to upstart parties and independents.


Then there's the whole issue of those who are elected being incapable of doing any damned thing for the people, but passing laws for their corporate sponsors like there's no tomorrow.... and there almost isn't.

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