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Benelli M4 + CarrierComp Extended Tube: Cannot load seven 2 3/4 shells in tube!


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I have a Benelli M4 with CarrierComp titanium extended tube, CarrierComp shell follower, and CarrierComp supplied spring. I am unable to load seven 2 3/4 Federal Tactical OO Buck 9 Pellets 1325 FPS LE127 shells in the tube.


I can get the seventh shell 98% of the way in the tube, but no further.


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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When was this spring manufactured? How old is your setup? You can modify Kip's older springs by cutting the coils. You will note on the older springs there are several coils "stuck together" on each end that are all "flat" in their winding, and removing all but 2 or so complete 360* turns of "flat-wound" coil on each end should solve your problem. This was fixed on later runs of Kip's springs.


That being said, you may have found a shell that just isn't compatible. It's possible, as some shells are quite long even though they are "2-3/4" "


See? Trim that CC spring to look like that OE spring...




It will not harm function if you do it as I detailed, and it should allow that last shell to squeak in there. That spring is from 2009, and the image is courtesy of "Duggan". Kip has since revised his springs to be more like the OEM one shown, regarding the end, for the exact reasons you have noted.

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