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Ammo question for new M4


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I Just got my new M4. This is my first shot gun and first non H&K gun I own....:D I really want to properly breakin the gun with the right ammo. I called Benelli and the lady told me to use 3" magnum shells and to clean the gun first before shooting. I went looking for ammo and ended up buying Federal power-shok 3" magnum buckshot 15 pellets 1210 fps. Is this good ammo to breakin my new M4? I am not real familiar with shotgun ammo and want to make sure I get the right stuff. Also should I run some slugs through it as well?


Thanks for any feedback.

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Just as a note guys, although the Federal Truball 1600fps slugs can be dirty, with my shortie 4x scope on my M4, I am shooting 5-7 inch groups for 9 rounds at 100 yards with the 18.5 barrel length, Improved cylinder choke and Briley Door Breacher Compensator and I am NOT taking 2 minutes in between shots or any long span of time. I am probably putting all 9 thru in under a minute which (I would guess) is repectable at that distance.


Certainly not in my AR10's class but I'm happy with it and confident if I need to take a critical distance shot when it's all I have handy.


Fed Truballs are made for smooth bore shotguns and although I've tried some of those sabot slugs, I'm not liking them at all due to the shape of the holes in the targets which indicate they are tumbling. Fed truballs have been right on the money for me and all I will use in it for slugs now.


Slugs are all they will allow at my range as well unless you are shooting clays.

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