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Burris Fastfire III for M4?


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I've been thinking about a red dot sight for my M4 and I've noticed that the Burris Fastfire has received a lot of positive comments. I am seriously considering the new Fastfire III. I'm interested in comments or recommendations on this sight, as well as which would be better, the 3 MOA version or the 8 MOA. I am also thinking about the Leupold Deltapoint. It's a little more expensive but Leupold is known for their quality.

One advantage of the both of those choices is that if for some reason they didn't meet my expectations on the M4, I thought that I could still use it on one of my 45 semi-auto pistols. If I use it on a pistol, then probably the 3 MOA would be the better choice, but on a shot gun I'm not sure.

Recommendations anyone?

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It really depends on what your endgame is. What purpose is such a sight in your personal requirements? I've got a 9 moa RMR on a M1 that I use for three gun. Ultimately I found that at the distances for shotgun targets prevalent at most matches it didn't give me any advantage over open sights. For longer range slug shots, a smaller dot would have been nice but I could still make the hits without any problem. I've pretty much stopped using it and have reverted to open sights. I've come to the conclusion that, except for a long-range slug shot, optics on a shotgun don't provide the same advantages they do on a rifle in terms of accuracy and speed. On other forums you'll find that there are promoters/detractors of each of the individual sights you mention. I'm a Trijicon fanboy so naturally, I'll say the RMR is the way to go for that type of sight. Next up the line would be a Aimpoint T1, 2 moa on a low Larue mount. Personally, that's as big as I would go on a M4. The M4 is bulky and heavy enough without adding a whole bunch of bulky, weighty other stuff on it. But all that's just me.

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