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M4 recoil vs Fn SLP recoil?


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I recently sold my SLP to my best friend, I was considering either picking up a M4 or another SLP.

I have yet to shoot the M4.

The SLP is gas operated while the M4 is not and has the argo ststem, I would like to hear from individuals who have shot both.

Is the M4 similar in regards to recoil with the SLP, or does the SLP shoot quite a bit softer than the M4?

I appreciate the feedback.

Thanks Much and God Bless

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ARGO - Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated

Not having fired the SLP, can only speculate that recoil will be comparable using the same loads. Each is around 7 and a half pounds empty. I doubt you would be able to "feel" any difference when shooting.

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Truckcop is right...but I wonder about perceived/distributed recoil. My M4 has a pretty stiff recoil pad and I have no idea what the SLP uses. If it has a relatively soft pad it may seem like less recoil but the amount of energy given off from a shot should be pretty damn close to the same given similar efficiency of the recoil systems.

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