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M2 Gas conversion


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I present to you my M2 gas conversion. Now I can use the Comfortech Stock, Gel Pads, Risers, etc.


Points and feels much more comfortable than the M4. No change in function or reliability as expected. It isn't as balanced as before (more front-heavy than before), but it would balance more if I added the Steel Receiver Extension and Collapsible stock (which I cant do) or a titanium mag tube.



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Thank you for the kind words folks! I love the new set-up, I can convert the gun from Inertia to A.R.G.O. in less than 3 minutes and vice-versa.


I definitely will need to pick a light mount soon, and I think I have a particular one in mind!


Also here is the aftermath of my franken-building-abomination:



I never bothered shooting this one, but it does feel very weird in the hands. It is like you know it psychologically feels like an M4, but it shoots and acts like a M2.



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An American Flag receiver too. There's some one out there that will see that and will get their panties in a bunch.


I had no idea these animals were dimensioned so alike. I'd never even held an M2, not sure why it shocks me but it does. they just slide right together. Saves CAD time.


Yep! I would estimated that 90% of the parts between all of Benelli 12 gauge shotguns can interchange.

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Two ways you can do, grind the hand guard plate dimples off/flush to the surface or mill slots into the receiver.


I choose the grinding method because it was less involved with much less liability to damage. After grinding is done, reapply a finish. (I choose Cerakote in this instance)

Everything else drops right in for the conversion. The only except is the charging handle, you have to use a slimmer handle because the slots in the M2 isn't as wide as the M4. (that is why my handle isn't grey like the bolt)




The difference in balance is that the M4 barrel and front is much heavier than a simple Inertia Barrel and that the M2 receiver doesn't have a steel recoil tube or aluminium trigger guard (weight may be negligible).

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