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NP3 Coating on Benelli M4


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Straight Benelli M4:


Added a Surefire Foreend (US) w/Larue Index Clips and Tape Switch

Carriercomp 7 Round Ti mag tube (US)

FFT follower (US)

Sidearmor top rail/side saddle

GG&G Bolt Release Pad

Benelli Collapsible Stock (Non-US)


(StrangerDanger) did the trigger work adding:

FFT trigger (US)

FFT disconnector (US)

Geissele Hammer (US)

TTI Extended Shell Lifter


Robar did the full NP3+ on the entire thing (just got it back today)


Pictures came out only so-so, but I think it turned out to be a beautiful piece so far.


Hopefully I can add one of those Leupold Deltapoint Pro's next spring

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How does the M4 feel?

Does it sound any different when chambering?

Did they do the entire barrel assembly, or did they only dip the barrel itself and leave the portion that goes inside of the receiver alone?

Did the coat the shell elevator?

Does the safety feel any different with it coated?

Any tightness detected in either the trigger group or in the pistons?

Did the disassemble and coat the ARGO plugs?


Your build is better than an H2O since it was done in NP3+. You have a lot more done too.

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I think it came out pretty awesome. The finish on the handguard holder is a little bit rough, but the rest of the finish overall is as smooth as you could imagine.


I didn't notice any particular sound difference, but then again, I probably have about 20-25 rounds through this thing since I bought it, so I'm no expert!


As far as I can tell on the barrel it looks like it's coated all the way back to (and including) the throat of the barrel. The thread (protector?) looks like it's coated as well from what I can tell


The shell elevator is coated, the trigger is coated, trigger guard is coated, shell release is coated, pretty much every part. Pretty much every screw is coated as well.


I haven't dry-fired it yet (or disassembled) for that matter. They did apply a little lube to the bolt from what I can see but I need to get it apart and add my own coat as well


ARGO plugs is a term I'm not familiar with, I'll be glad to take a look on that one.


They did impress me with the dis-assembly and re-assembly. They even put the sticky back felt padding back on the back of the GG&G bolt release on install (including coating the bolt release and the screw). Additionally, I asked them to coat the original bolt release and they did that as well


Overall it was a good experience. I would take great care to make sure you describe exactly what you want on the form when/if you have them do a job. After sending it in and signing the invoice, I never heard a peep from them until it was on the way back. They initially quoted something like 90 days and finished in ~6-7 weeks.


It wasn't cheap (even with their 10% discount from September) but it sure seems to be high quality. They said in their instructions that they couldn't coat titanium but, from what I can tell, they did a bang up job on the carrier comp tube as well.


I think you're right, it does end up being a better product than the H2O if for no other reason than the titanium tube and some additional parts as well as NP3+.


Other than for merely cosmetic reasons I probably would've had them do the shell holder/top rail and surefire foreend also since everything else turned out so well, but gray on gray on gray might be a bit much.


The pictures don't do it justice, you can't tell it's done after-market, it looks new off the shelf

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They actually coated your titanium magazine tube with NP3+?


The ARGO plugs are the pieces that hold the pistons into the barrel assembly. There are a bunch of internal parts inside them that aren't commonly disassembled. If they coated the barrel completely, then yours is done far better than the H20's.


I agree with doing the top rail and the Surefire rail. Basically only leave plastics black. It looks great though. Report back when you function test it.

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As far as I can tell they did, I wouldn't imagine the finish would match so closely/exactly with the newly finished barrel if they did not


I wasn't sure if they could even do the surefire rail since it does have some plastic as part of the metal itself. Perhaps when I get some money at the beginning of the year I'll take the surefire, top rail and side saddles and have them do those. Shouldn't be more than another $100 or so (I hope)

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Pretty much every piece of metal I can find on the gun has been coated. It's hard to see but everything on the pistons appear to be coated as well as the inside of the end of the muzzle (last picture).


The threads on the carriercomp tube on both ends seem coated also, as well as the tube-spring-clam (which was black previously) appears coated now.


The follower was as well, it was an FFT Red.

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You might be right about that barrel throat area. I don't mind the front and rear sight areas, I tend towards using some sort of optic anyhow, so that doesn't really bother me. SD planted the bug in my head to get the Surefire Forend coated and the top rail/side saddles so I inquired with Robar about those already (darn SD)!


I actually wanted the trigger assembly coated, the actual FFT trigger itself didn't have a very smooth finish (SD actually changed it out for me twice as the first one had a nice indent in it) and the trigger guard.


I'm probably more happy that I did it this way, getting NP3+, the titanium tube vs steel tube, etc vs buying an H2O. When I bought this last year I didn't have enough money to get an H2O anyhow! I do like the little flag design on the side though :)

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The barrel was done the same way the H20's are. I believe they do not dip the entire barrel because of the ejector. That part is riveted in place and no one wants to mess with it.


Did they coat the bolt itself too?


Optics wise, I'm leaning towards the Trijicon RMR's on the ScalarWork rail over the Aimpoint T1. The size difference is amazing.

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The barrel was done the same way the H20's are. I believe they do not dip the entire barrel because of the ejector. That part is riveted in place and no one wants to mess with it.


Did they coat the bolt itself too?


Optics wise, I'm leaning towards the Trijicon RMR's on the ScalarWork rail over the Aimpoint T1. The size difference is amazing.


The bolt is definitely coated and nice and smooth.


I still can't get over the bluish tint of the trijicon RMR. I absolutely love my ACOG with it's clear glass, but seeing the world through a blue/green tint would drive me bonkers. That's why I'm still on the Leupold Deltapoint kick if they ever release a new one. There is a youtube video of a guy shooting his DP on a pistol and it's as clear as day with no tint. Someone on ARFCOM is even selling a used DP for $275 in good shape!


I like my Aimpoint H-1 as well on a larue mount...it's nice, albeit a bit small and has a bit of a tint of it's own. The new Aimpoint T-2 looks kinda nice also, they are being shipped out now from Larue. Can't say enoug good things about that company.

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Just to re-up on an old thread...



I got my Asgard Defense QD Rail/Sideshell holders NP3+ coated and the Muzzle Brake I got from H&K is being done also (that will be done next month).


They were unable to disassemble the surefire foreend just as an FYI


The Asgard stuff came out awesome, only one little black part that was rubber/plastic that they couldn't coat

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sucks about the Surefire rail. I wonder what they couldn't take apart? It looks easy enough to disassemble.


I don't know either!


This is all they said


"One of the Rails you sent us for the surefire forend has plastic parts which would not survive the Np3 bath and cannot be disassembled."

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