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Benelli M4 -- Dark Earth Cerakote


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What be this? http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=488067650


At first I thought it was just a shop taking it upon themselves to paint the M4. Then I saw the end of the factory box with what appears to be factory markings and a whole new item number, 11791.


And yes, it does look familiar. ;)

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Looks great planman!


Cerakote is essentially paint, but it adheres much better than paints. Plating like NP3 or nickel boron are tougher and have additional benefits like low surface coefficients and corrosion resistance. The only problem with them is you are limited to a single color -- matte gray. With nickel boron, you can at least apply Cerakote to the surface so your color options are unlimited. This is what I did with my M4. It's internals are all nickel boron coated. From the inside of the receiver to the interior of the receiver extension.


Mathis will cause some tolerance stacking issues. I had to hand fit a lot of the parts to make them function properly. Clean up is very easy and the action feels a little smoother. But beyond that it was a lot of hassle and took a long time to do. I'm not sure if it was worth the trouble. I've done the same to pistols/rifles with the same results. I have a Winchester lever action 44mag treated the same way. The action feel and loading significantly improved over how it handled new.

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Thanks for explaining cerakote SD. I was thinking about Robar Poly-T2 gunmetal grey. Talked with a fellow at Robar and he said it was almost a black color. Never seen a picture of a long gun with that finish. Internals would be NP3. This is expensive though. He also suggested Roguard for a nice black finish.

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