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Scalar Works/Mesa Side saddle combo

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Apologies in advance to the folks at Scalarworks and Mesa tactical;)


I combined a Scalarworks BOR-RMR mount and a Mesa Tactical 6-round side saddle.


Started by cutting the rail section off the Scalarworks mount, then putting it on the shotgun.


Scalar Works Cut down 01.jpg

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Neat. Interested to see how it comes out in the end. You did well cutting the rail. Any concern with the rear vestigial portion of the rail obstructing the view of the rmr?


Any reason you didn't just use a 3 gun gear Velcro card system?


I already had the side saddle, used parts don't hold value so we figured cutting it was no different than selling at 50% or less.


Test fit of the RMR.



RMR Mounted.jpg

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