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Daryl and his M4!


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I think Arnold had a M4 in his cop movie post him being Governor.


Sadly, no AVA there either.


We need to call those prop departments and enlighten them!


Although there may be a few bits lacking/less available during the apocalypse, which is why I snagged my AVATactical early

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Daryl needed a SOE chest rig, I didn't see him with any extra shells


Ohhh No, you didn't go there did you!


Colt Pythons that fire 10 shots...


Glocks that cock like Single action Rugers everytime they are unholstered...


Cars and trucks that always have charged batteries and Gasoline...

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My personal favorites are the handguns that are firing with the slides locked back. That being said...Tom Sizemore used an M3 in the movie HEAT. Drive in theatre scene. Think I'll go lower my IQ on watching the Raven Mocker Returns.


Great Movie reference! Everybody's in that movie!

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You have to step up to watching something like Better Call Saul to get a little more thought provoking deeper meaning with subtle foreshadowing and character development.


I watched the spin off zombie show fear the walking dead last weekend. Hated almost all the character and wished they'd get killed. Preferably in a painful way. A lot of west coast potential wasted.

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