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A guy I know bought his in Denmark and he said he got a plastic case with his, but he didn't know if that was "dealer incentive" or part of the deal direct from Benelli...


The best part of what you get in the box from Benelli is the gun! You won't be sorry with the SBE...


Oh, there also should be a thread cleaner/choke remover in there too, as well as plastic choke tube holders.

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I bought a used '99 model and it came with all the listed parts above, except no plastic carrying case. Just the styrofoam cut-out cardboard box.

However, my dad bought a new SBE last year at a large sports shop chain and it came with the plastic case.

I don't know if you can draw any conclusions from this, but at least you can have a better than average chance of expecting the case to be there with your purchase. Also, it never hurts to tell them to 'throw it in with the purchase'.

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Benelli starting shipping in plastic cases at least two years ago.


If you bought a Benelli from an authorized Benelli dealer recently and it came in a cardboard box, while it might be unused, it was made several years ago. The dealer might have switched the boxes for some reason, but I can't imagine why.


New Benellis come in the plastic carrying case and include; choke tubes, choke tube wrench, gun oil, shim kit, and the paperwork.


The cases do have value, they sell for around $40, and are a big plus if you are going to sell the gun later.


mudhen - CA


[ 03-29-2004, 12:50 PM: Message edited by: mudhen ]

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Thanks to you all, everyone was helpfull, Well I just couldn't wait for the SBE II, I bought the SBE and indeed got the plastic carrying case, 5 chokes, a choke wrench, gun oil, a shim kit , an instruction manual , and the warranty . You guys are right the most important item in that case is the gun and I just can't wait to try it out. Thanks for the help

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