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26" Overall Length "Firearm" Law


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Under the 26" law, could Benelli import either the M3 Breacher or a Shockwave variant of the M4 with the 14" barrel and import them as non-SBS? With the current monopolization of the Remington TAC14, Mossberg Shockwave, and Black Aces Tactical firearms manufactured without a stock and overall length of 26", I believe this is a niche Benelli should consider.





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How does it even function? Looks like some Photoshop BS
Nope it's a thing. http://www.benellidefence.it/products/m3-14-door-breacher-grip-handleThe recoil mechanism is different from M4/M2 system. Recoil spring wraps around the magazine tube sort of like the Browning A5. There's no recoil spring in the butt stock and no link on the rear of the bolt. Edited by truckcop
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Less and less major companies are interested in providing military, LE gear to the civilian side, and especially circumventing the obviously infringement of a regulation NFA is. (Look at HK and FN), luckily we have some, like Sig, rooting for us, but I would be surprised with how choked up Benelli and Beretta parts can sometimes be.... (Italy is a mess with 50% black market trade im sure biasing their support) Would I like to see it?! Sure, likely..? doubt it.. They cant even make the M4's right as it is..! Fixed stock, mag tubes, etc... Honestly a bit of a stupid company, and would never buy another benelli or Beretta unless it was purely off name, recognition, as the "M4" is. I also will never pay the 200$ tax stamp, but thats another story Ps why is everything posted as a wordwall today?

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