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Is the front sight on a Benelli M4 adjustable at an angle? (camber adjustment)


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Is the front sight adjustable on an M4? Not just left or right but at an angle. Like / or \.


From the factory it seems a little cocked off to the right like this /. Just a little off on the camber.


Before I go buy a wrench wanted to see if that something that can be adjusted by loosening the nut. Thanks!

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The FS can be adjusted for windage (see the indices on the sight tower) mine is canted slightly also. I was going to try and make it straight but I could not find a wrench to fit the nut on the bottom.


It seems to be like 4.5 MM. I got a 5 MM box wrench and it was to big. Let us know if you find a wrench to fit it.

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Umm yeah... I've had two m4 barrels with the front site post canted enough that it was annoyingly noticeable. But, they exchanged them after I sent them in...so there's that.


canted as in improperly adjusted from the factory? is this normal? i'm having a hard time thinking benelli's QC is such that they'd let a $2k gun leave the factory with an out of spec sight picture
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