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Sighting in M4


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As mentioned above, use a B27 on a stable stand. Mark the target so you have a precise point of aim. I’d recommend getting a table to brace. Better would be a rifle rest to minimize human error.


Fire 3 or 5 rounds slowly and see where the group strikes. Your cold shots may be different than a hot barrel, so keep that in mind. Adjust the sights to compensate for elevation and wind age and fire another group. Make corrections as needed.


At 25 yards, I’d try to get your point of impact to be right at the top edge of the front sight blade. Not occluding the target with the sight blade and holding the front dot over your target. This helps a lot when these shots stretch out to a 100 yards.


I’d wait until the barrel cools and fire another group to see if you POI changed at all.


I’d then pattern some buckshot at various distances so you get an idea of the pattern with that particular ammunition. Note if your pattern matches up with your slit impact point.


I use use masking tape to cover over holes so I don’t get confused as to what group is which. It’ll make a single target last quite a while.

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Like Uno said, it varies and it is part finding what your particular weapon/choke likes. Removing as many shooter variables as you can helps a lot.


This really shines when you dial in slugs for a red dot at a set range, then test at variable ranges so you know how the round me rise and drop over distance. Example, is your POI 5” below your POA at a 100 yards.

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I'm still new to Benelli so keep that in mind. What was your justification for replacing the sights?

I changed out the sights on my M4.


XS on the front


and Fiber optic on the rear.


What range should I try to zero in at?


This is my first shotgun.

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I'm still new to Benelli so keep that in mind. What was your justification for replacing the sights?


I have pretty poor eyesight and like the XS sights. The XS and the Fiberoptic sights are very usable in very dim light and are really viable in bright light. The XS sights I chose were the ones without the Tritium, so they are a Large White dot.


This is a Firearm, who needs justification to modify it!



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