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AVA Tactical


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Did you order from them in the last month or 2 months?


I ordered something 2 weeks ago I received the confirmation automated they got my order but thats it. I sent 3 emails last week to get a status no replies...


I am getting a little bit worried that nobody is behind the wheel there.


Any feedback?



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I haven't lately... but never had problems in the past. I thought he was between runs so there is an expected (significant) delay



I could agree with delays but everything I ordered was in stock according to their website.


What worries me is the no reply to email issue...

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Well I placed my order for some QD sling mounts, they charged my card, then, no news... after 1.5 months someone finally replied to me saying sorry for the delay and that they would ship my order I was happy to finally get it. Then a couple of days after that I got an email saying the order was cancelled and a refund was processed and a couple of days later the refund appeared on my card... I tried emailing them with no reply. Their store website has been closed for ''maintenance'' (that's the message on the site since then) it's been 2 months now. They don't have a phone number and I only had two emails to contact them the store generic one and another one I found on forums. It sucks they should keep customers in the know of whats going on but my gut feeling is that the owner has moved on and it will be closed... :(

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I ordered a number of items from Avatactical only to go through them telling me the items were on the way. Unfortunately, they were never on the way and I had to file a complaint with their payment processing company to get my money back!. Needless to say, they may have been a good company at one time but not any more!


If they ever come back, I'm not going to order anything until the members on this site say they are alright to deal with again. Right now they would have to pay me to buy their products!

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