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M4 Front Sling Attachement Plate


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I got my first M4 today!  I just finished the basic out of the box assembly and I have a couple questions.

1.)  My front sling plate has a lot of play, it wiggles.  Is this normal?

2.)  The bolt "cam like" pin (part #12 in manual page 162) has a small line cut partially in the top.  I assume this is normal as this does not appear to be a defect.


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1 hour ago, Redweirdbeard said:

Not sure about the sling but the mark on the pin is to help you put it back together. The mark goes towards the front of the bcg.

Thanks for the explanation.  I figured it was meant to be.  I have a few high end rifles and one has an odd cut out on the bolt face etc.

On another forum people post about this bolt and they panic that it's messed up.  We all get a chuckle because once every 4-6 months somebody will post a bolt picture.

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A bit of high temp black RTV silicone applied to the sling plate stops the rattle. 

Just take it off and clean it, put a little bit on with your finger and reassemble it with the snap ring. Center it with the barrel and let it set for a night.  You can take a Q-Tip and rid any extra RTV that may squeeze out making for a nice tidy job. Its completely unnoticeable when done.


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All the M4 front sling plates have that play in them. The area that limits side to side wiggle is the cut out at the top that indexes against the barrel. The best fix is to dump it and get the IWC weapon light/sling mount. You'll have ambidextrous light and sling mounts on both sides in a low profile design.


The bolt carrier cam pin has the line so you can index the hole the firing pin goes through. Which direction the line is in doesn't matter.

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