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Benelli M4 Port Loading recommendations


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Hi All,

Looking to send out my M4 for open port loading work. Came across a post earlier that was done by Riley, wasn't really a fan. I'd like for them not to take off an excessive amount of material. Came across a bunch of pictures and some of the jobs look like overkill. Please let me know your recommendations, id prefer someone on the east coast if possible.   



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+1 on Briley and their overly aggressive opening/polishing of M4 loading port. At a particular show a while back I noticed Briley had a booth and I was able to closely examine & handle a M4 with a nice loading port job they had on display. The port was deeply cut/angled towards the mag tube, and I mean very closely to the tube. However, the beveling lines, angles & polishing were really impressive, like bikini wax, of course to be clear it was a display booth showing off their work. I have made several calls to Briley to discuss their loading port opening process (spoke to Larry & Gary) and they will go aggressive or less as you want, but they were like..”just put a note in the box when you ship us the gun saying what you want done”. Ya, well I’m sure Briley knows what they’re doing and allows communication and updates, but my experience with that type of procedure lends it itself to problems. So long story short..I would like to reach out to the expert here..Stranger..and ask him for the loading port job & some other mods to my M4!! 

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Briley jobs are quite aggressive for sure. They remove a lot of material in the process. For mine, I don’t feel much is benefitted from going that extreme. Opening up too much can prevent the sides of the receiver from containing the shells and directing them to the magazine tube. 

On mine, I shape them out by hand and square the lines up with a large file. Once the shape is correct, I break all of the edges with a specialty tool bit. This gives the edges an organic shape that has no sharp angle to catch your fingers on when moving fast. 

This thread needs pictures!











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47 minutes ago, StrangerDanger said:


Whenever you’re ready, PM me and we can work out what you want done. I am a FFL so the receivers can be sent directly to me and sent right back to their owner. 


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21 minutes ago, D'zaster said:

SD, Nice work! Did you have to refinish the receiver or can Cerkote be touched up?

Some of them had Np3 done after the work. Others clients declined any refinishing and left it bare aluminum. You could send it out for Cerakote quite easily. Anodizing would take a lot of work to strip the receiver down completely. Of those choices, I’d do the Cerakote. On the Cerakoted Benellis, you can see that the Cerakote is removed and exposes the black anodizing. 

I tried using AlumaBlack on mine when I first did it, it worked okay, but not great. I felt it looked better in polished bare aluminum. 

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