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What do you sight your M4 in at?


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I went with a 50 yard zero using slugs, which felt like a good “general purpose” zero for my Aimpoint T2. A couple of inches high at 25, a couple of inches low at 100 (translation: “minute of man”). This is for my home defense load, which consists of Federal Flite Control 00 Buckshot with some PDX1 segmented slugs on the side saddle. Given how tight the Flite Control stuff patterns, the slug zero works for me. YMMV depending on your preferred ammo. 

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I went with 70 yards with slugs since that's the longest range I have at my nearby range. Patterning buckshot will depend on what rounds you're using. They'll perform differently depending on your choke and the will of the gods. Crappy buckshot like Remington bulk stuff will print most of the pellets on a B27 size target at that 70 yard range. Running more expensive stuff with flight control results in smaller patterns.

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Thanks. The slugs were bought during the Obama era at Walmart. Between the slugs and the buckshot, I’d clean them out each trip. 

I had the burnt bronze / nickel boron plating done back around 2013 at WMD Guns. I think I paid around 300 bucks back then since I had sent a large batch order of parts. The bolt carrier group and trigger pack were done in NP3 later on. On one of my next painting jobs, I might send the bolt carrier and the trigger frame to have them painted on the visible areas so the snipers don’t get me. the Sync rail should also be painted in burnt bronze. I have removed the iron sights and had the weapon light painted in burnt bronze to match the rest. 


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5 minutes ago, ruger said:

thanks, have had a 870 tactical for a few years, got my m4 6 months ago ,it's just a joy to shoot and i'm 66 years old.. and have a range in my backyard.. live in the woods of northern wisconsin. 

They’re great, aren’t they? Plus you get to enjoy it in a great setting. I’m a little jealous! Post some photos of your range please!

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On page 65 of the USMC TM 10698A-10/1 it states "it is recommended that the iron sights of the combat shotgun be zeroed at a range of 100 meters with a single projectile (slug) ammunition and 25 meters using multiple projectile (00 or 000 buckshot, etc.).  It is also recommended that three-round groups be fired prior to making adjustments when zeroing with slugs.”

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