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Modify M4 Pistol Grip Stock


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Anyone ever attempt to shorten the LOP on the M4 pistol grip stock? I purchased an extra stock to attempt this and my first inclination was to cut an appropriate length off the end and install a Limbsaver slip on... Unfortunately I read a few reviews on amazon and elsewhere claiming they are sticky and "walk" over the side of the stock after a few shots. Now I'm thinking of trying one of the grind-to-fit, but this involves purchasing a recoil pad shaping fixture and possibly a tabletop disc/ belt sander. Maybe I'm better off just buying a Mesa Tactical (or other brand) to simplify things. Any personal experiences, recommendations or opinions will be greatly appreciated.



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Thanks to everyone that has responded. Looks like the Mesa Tactical M4 Urbino is the winner. Unless someone comments to the contrary; I'm going to go with the Urbino with Limbsaver. Reducing LOP from 14 3/8" (?) to 12 1/2" should make it a lot easier to shoot. Thanks everyone!!!

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There have been several members who have shortened PG stocks.  I did one back in 2010 when C-Stocks were hard to come by.  You will have to use a "grind to fit" butt pad.  You also have to fabricate new mounting holes for the butt pad screws.  A shortened OEM stock is "nicer" than the mesa aftermarket option but is several hours of work to get right!

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