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Trigger Options M4


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Briley is probably the best trigger option going right now. FFT is good, but you can run into fitting issues with the oem polymer trigger frame. So for a precursor, you’d want an A&S Engineering trigger frame. These are better made than even the oem aluminum ones. There is another kit from Benelliparts, but they’re relatively unknown quality. 

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What do you think about the two hammer springs with the Briley Trigger?


"The hammer spring in this trigger group has been replaced with a factory Benelli M2 hammer spring to bring the trigger pull weight in line with other Benelli models. If the gun fails to fire or experiences light strikes, the hammer spring may be replaced with the original M4 hammer spring, which is included in a zip lock bag with the original trigger parts."

I found out doing my M2/M4 franken fudd gun, that the M4 bolt assembly must use the M4 hammer spring or a Wolff extra power spring, otherwise you will get light hammer strikes. 

With the card that Briley includes, I dunno if I would sacrifice reliability for that trigger pull?.

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11 hours ago, octane202 said:

How did this come out? Im looking at going the same route 

Turned out great! No issues what so ever. Very happy with the FFT trigger group and the A&S tigger guard. The FFT parts are machined well and you can feel the difference in the steel from the original Benelli parts. The FFT parts are NP3 coated which makes a difference. The A&S trigger guard is nicely machined and a quality part. Easier to install the safety on the A&S guard too. 





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40 minutes ago, octane202 said:

Awesome. Did you notice a difference in trigger pull and reset at all?  

Definitely better than factory. I wish I'd recorded the trigger pull before and after but didn't think that far ahead?. The pull is noticeable smoother, a little lighter with a crisper break. As good as a competition job? I couldn't say. But I do have quite a few semi custom 1911s and I like the feel of the FFT trigger. 

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