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M4 collapsible Stock?


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So when I recently purchased my Benelli M4 I was not aware that the “collapsible” stock wasn’t actually the collapsible Stock that Benelli sells? The guy said “due to them selling is it in America” I didn’t really get into to much detail why due to the excitement of my purchase. He did however say that there are hacks out there that let you unpin the factory collapsible stock to actually make it collapsible. Is anybody familiar with this or know where I can find these directions? 

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Here is the part you need to make the collapsible stock functional:



You'll then need to add 922 compliant parts to make it legal.


The issue with the receiver extension is it isn't very easy to swap out. I've done several dozen of them over the years for customers. I put a tutorial together a few years ago outlining the process for people to gauge if it is something they are capable of tackling themselves;


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This brings up a related question StrangerDanger... I bought one of the early 11711's that comes in the box with all the additions. I don't think it has the LE designation on the box (I'd have to double-check). Are those exempt from the 922r?

I would assume those that are marked as LE models do need to comply. Is that your understanding too? Anyone else can answer too if they have an opinion.

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The first 60 11711 that came with a collapsible stock was an attempt to consider the M4 a US production shotgun since the ATF classified refinishing as firearm manufacturing. The ATF shut that down quick. However that first 60 made it out with evil features and is generally left alone by the ATF. I don’t know of anyone who gets harassed for their shotguns in free states outside of some spectrum dwelling Range Nazi Fudd. 

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