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We received a Benelli 11794 M4 H2O into the shop today.  Offering it here since I know a few people are looking for one.  We are willing to ship it CONUS for what ever the charges are.  Selling it for $1999+shipping.  It is for sale in the store, so may or may not be available.



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9 hours ago, BigJoe365 said:

I am shocked it took that long, I paid 2800 for mine on GB. someone got a great deal. rephrase: you gave someone a great deal.   

Nope, that's our normal pricing.  Unlike others, we don't jack up the price to score some extra profit.  Our pricing remains the same as it was a year ago.

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That's just good business. the 2020 corvette has a 30k mark up over sticker at every Chevy dealer, the GMC Sierra AT4 has a 5k mark up at my local GMC dealer. I asked them direct, your putting a mark up because what? you can get an extra 30k out of a buyer so why not ? His answer...Yep. I walked away. left him standing there with a stupid look on his face.  I wont by anything from a dealer that does that. I paid the GB price for M4 because everybody was showing sold out and honestly, who knows what is going to happen when trump wins again.. 

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