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how to stop rust


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While I was hunting last week I noticed my gun was starting to rust. I took some gun oil and got the rust off but you can still see some rust pits. Is there anything that I can put on the gun to stop the rust and make the rust pits go away?

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to late to save the metal if its pitted badly..


steel wool and having it re-blued.. this might not even work.


Heck, have it camo dipped to cover it.


in the future .. keep the exterior ( or better said 'ALL') metal surfaces oiled at all times or rubbed with a grease rag (exterior)..


good luck

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be very cautious using steel wool. the cheep steel wool can come apart and lodge in the pits and other parts of the weapon and make a real mess. i would suggest a white scotch brite pad or in a pinch a grey soaked with either PB blaster or a pure silicon spray that will dry on the gun to remove the rust then wipe it down after every use or handleing (although it never hurts to have a second set of prints on a gun :rolleyes ). also never store you weapon cased unless its well dried and a couple of desicant packs are in there with it i save them out of all kinds of stuff; camaras ect. i used to get realy nice ones out of a caulk that i had at work. you can also pick up some machinest blueing and care fully dab the spot with it that should slow the rust from migrateing. Rust never sleeps.:

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