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Best way to remove extractor from bolt?


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Pushed the roll pin out by hand as noted about, first step. Never used a nail as a punch.

Notice that small diameter punches will deform like virtually every time use short shaft punches to get them started, note the short shaft roll pin punch used.

You can get blank screwdriver handles and bore them to fit the punches when its not necessary or impractical to be beating on the punch with a hammer.

I make a habit of using the correct punch application to avoid marring the gun art.

Some examples of specific punches shown above.

CIMG1426 copy 2.JPG

CIMG3150 copy.JPG

CIMG4087 copy.JPG

DSC00220 copy.JPG

DSC00222 copy 2.JPG

DSC00248 copy 3.JPG

IMG_7925 copy 2.jpg

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Early model S&W M&P pistols used small diameter solid pins to retain the extractor; like most mfg. a hydraulic arbor press with a few thousand psi runs thepin in perfectly within a matter of seconds, removing it was another matter. S&W eventually switched to a roll pin which is much easier to exchange; for the same reason  SigSauer did similar pin conversions for their firing pin position retaining pin.

For tight solid pins in particular, after applying some Kano Kroil for a few minutes, use the tapered starter punch (Wiha / Lyman / Proto make good ones) just to make the pin move a few millimeters, then switch to short shaft parallel punch then the longer parallel punch as needed; this sequence will save the thin punches from destruction. The silver lining is that you can take your bent pin, shorten it now and you will have the first member of your short punch set.

The Rennsteig parallel punch set is clever in that an outer sleeve that supports the punch pin slides along its length, so you can begin with a "short" shaft punch exposed / supported so as you advance the length of the pin into the pin hole being removed, the pin hole walls themselves now continue to support the shaft of the punch.


I made a set of brass roll pin punch holders.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 7.47.53 AM.png

CIMG4097 copy.JPG

DSC00223 copy.JPG

CIMG4099 copy.JPG

DSC00102 copy.JPG

DSC00105 copy.JPG

IMG_7922 copy.jpg

IMG_7923 copy.jpg

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Great advice and info from Benelliwerkes

I used a 5/64 punch to move the pin out slightly for the first stage.  Then I realized I didn't have a small enough punch for the next step.  I scratched my head and remembered I have an old Dan Wesson firing pin that I use for various things.  I believe it's 9mm/38 super dimension.  This was perfect.  I was then able to ease the roll pin out enough to completely remove it by hand.  - Done easy peasy!


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