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Latest I've read is Whittington is in pretty good shape, which is good for everyone, gunowners, hunters, Cheney & most of all of course Whittington. As you've probably figured out ... the media is a pet peeve of mine. LOL



Whittington was reported doing well at a Texas hospital Wednesday, a day after doctors said that a pellet entered his heart and he had what they called "a mild heart attack."


Hospital officials said the Texan, though still listed in intensive care, had a normal heart rhythm again Wednesday afternoon and was sitting up in a chair, eating and planning to do some legal work in his room. "He still kind of wonders what all the hoopla is about," said Peter Banko, administrator of Christus Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi-Memorial.



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Whether the politician is crooked or not, he is a public figure, and more importantly, he is a public servant.


I agree that the story deserves attention and that the FACTS should be reported.

The problem is that the news business has become insanely competitive adn biased, and producers/reporters are going to extreme measures to overhype even the most mundane of stories.


Remember the morning news program that showed the woman in the canoe, paddling through the flooded streets?

Remember how ridiculous she looked when some guy walked by her and disclosed that the water was ankle deep?


When CNN showed a reporter emptying the contents of a 12 ga. 000 buckshot, to demonstrate what a shotgun shell, "similar to the one Cheney fired" looks like, they crossed over from reporting the news to fabricating it.


What they did is no different than using a cruise missile to demonstrate how JFK was shot. If it';s not accurate, then it's inaccurate. And if it's inaccurate, it should not be reported as news.


So, if I were a politician, crooked or not, I would seek a friendly news service to be the means by which I tell my side of the story.


The news media has the ear of every voter in this country. They are easily the most powerful political force in America, if not the entire world. They should be obligated to report the facts as they are, and to leave the editorials on the editorial page.

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I'd like to take this back to the original problem - our vice pres. shot a man........I don't know about you guys, but I've been hunting for around 20 years now, and I have never, EVER shot without knowing these 3 things:


1. Where is your partner (if applicable).

2. Where is your dog (if applicable).

3. Is anything/anyone in your shooting path.


If you can't answer any of the above questions, then you don't shoot....it's a pretty simple concept to follow, no?


Dick Cheney is a perfect example of what happens when you don't pay attention when you have a loaded gun in your hand.


Why couldn't he have gone hunting with Bush, anyway?

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It's hard for anyone to judge the situation without having been present.


All of your listed points are, of course, fundamentally sound.

But if there's one thing I've learned in over 30 years of hunting - and life in general, it's that shiat happens.


Simply put, this was an accident.

There was probably a fractional amount of error on the part of everyone involved, including the VP.


Was the guide doing his/her job in making sure that all parties were accounted for before the covey was approached and flushed?


Did Whittington wander off and then wander back through tall grass, coming up behind the group, without announcing his return?


Did Cheney, while swinging on a fast-moving target, make sure there was nothing popping into the sight picture at the last second?


I don't know. I wasn't there. None of us were.


I know something like this can and does happen.

Luckily, it has never occured around me.

If it did, I think I'd feel badly enough, without having Monday AM QB's trying to piece the situation back together and determine whether or not I acted usnafely or negligently.

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Whether you like Cheney or dislike the guy, like Tucker said ... things happen. Many small mistakes, added to extenuating factors, can lead to an accident. Sure, it could have been prevented; there's always an explanation after the fact. But as the saying goes "Even good drivers can make a bad mistake." I've spent a ton of time hunting in the swamps, fields and woods; since I was six years old. One time; about 20 years ago ... in thousands and thousands of hours of hunting ... we had a "line" of four guys grouse hunting through varying NY state terrain and vegetation. It's not the Great Plains ... hunters are constantly passing in and out of view briefly. Somehow, my buddy on my right managed to get out front, and the trees, brush, blow downs, lay of the land and his own sense of speed & direction must have conspired to funnel him around ALMOST in front of us as a bird flushed. Fortunately the bird was a high flier, but there were some VERY shaken hunters when John started hollering ... nearly in the line of fire. It's a frightening experience ... perhaps more for the shooters than the guy almost getting hit.

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Well said Butch-M. One thing I teach my boys is that if they get shot it doesn't make any difference who's fault it was- they are still shot regardless. I take responsibility for everybodies gun saftey when I'm with a group; and if everybody isn't shooting safe, I'm outta there.


I'm glad Cheney stuffed it to the media. It's the same media that wants to see us lose our gun rights.


I find it unimaginable that gun enthusiasts would jump on this unfortunate gun accident to take pot shots at an administration that supports gun owners; even if you do hate Cheney/Bush.

Get some perspective.

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What about the $7 missing stamp? Ohhh... :D Big trouble.


I have only been checked once for licensing (yes, once... amazing). That one time, I wasn't fully in compliance with the terms of my license (very long and technical detail). The game warden was kind enough to let me go (again, technical detail). That said, I doubt I will forget that detail again!

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A missing $7.00 government "tax" stamp on top of the other 3 tax "stamps" you need in Texas. Quite a crime against wildlife. A moral & ethical blasphemy. (In Jersey ... being a more "progressive" {read less free} state ... you need to feed OUR government about 6 tax documents.) I know it's a little off the point, but instead of charging $125.00 for a non-resident license and 7.00 for this stamp, and 12 dollars for that stamp and your sandhill crane stamp is free ... but you have to remember to ASK for it ... why not charge $150.00 and stop all the mass confusion???? When I was there, about ten guys were buying licenses and even the 2 clerks selling them were befuddled.

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There are a lot of mixed posts. It’s hard to separate political ones from the main (accident).

First of all about Cheney. I’m not a sympathizer of our VP, not because he is a republican (democracy is crap, playground for reach people), but because he is a classical example of Corporate America and he will always be. First, he is a businessman and then a VP. We know it and he knows it as well. But at least, he loves guns and enjoys the hunting (in his own strange way), and I hope nobody will knock on my door to confiscate my guns in NY under his watch.


Now about media. Not believer in media ethics ether. Mass media have always been the “opium for masses”. I don’t know who made this drawing in Daily News and how accurate is it, but it seems the VP is really guilty as charged. Everyone who passed his hunting education program should remember about the safe shooting zone.

1. one line

2. hunter on the left shoots to his left and center

3. hunter in a middle shoots only to the center

4. the one on the right – center and his right.


According to this picture, the VP made 90° turn to shoot while he was in the middle of the line. And the victim is not ahead of him, he’s behind. NO SHOOTING ZONE!!!



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Originally posted by VolatileAgent:

Originally posted by garren:

democracy is crap, playground for reach people

Lord help us.


P.T. Barnum was right. Meaning what? - “There’s a democrat born every minute”? :eek:


[ 02-18-2006, 04:39 PM: Message edited by: garren ]

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