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Benelli M4 Super90 Factory Tool


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Thanks for the heads up. I was able to purchase one, albeit at a significant markup. I'm still happy. I marred my gas plugs using a screwdriver to disassemble them. Very frustrating. Cheers!

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Never used the factory tool, but the tools made by the forum member here named Vertigofirearms are the absolute best. He made tools that are Magnabit format to attach to your favorite driver. He made ones for removing the screwed in plug in the bottom of the receiver extension and for disassembling ARGO plugs. Both are an absolute joy to use compared to my old janky methods. Every time I disassemble a clients M4, I’m thrilled to use these amazing tools that fit absolutely perfectly. They have a special place on my tool bit holders. The Argo tool is best used with a vice so that you can press the tool into the Argo plug and remove spring tension. You then orientate the plug so the pin simply falls out the bottom once the right amount of tension is pressed in.

The receiver extension tool is like a perfect socket that fits into the notch on the plug. You can easily get the most stubborn of plugs out with it. 


Unfortunately I haven’t seen him on in a while. I know for a while he had a small website and was selling them. They were expensive, but they were basically bullet made pieces of art. 

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I posted this solution to the ARGO system years ago. Both a hand held tool and a Delrin slotted compression pin to release / install the ARGO pin secured in  a vise.

The factory tool is does not seem to be as kind as the Delrin and polished hand held tool.Screenshot2024-03-12at9_13_35PM.thumb.png.0d2f708cd2b240d0d6e6b282b6128b02.pngScreenshot2024-03-12at9_14_00PM.thumb.png.faeb0f4dc346b17a38e829e8e6f3cc8b.pngScreenshot2024-03-12at9_23_19PM.thumb.png.d3afe57f872fecaa9ac4571d1dac2702.pngScreenshot2024-03-12at9_23_53PM.thumb.png.ccaa23549a2bd608d3af25b0765c0c1e.png


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I just used this tool for the first time to regrease my gas plug springs & gas plug caps. What a difference! Let this be a lesson for posterity: always use the right tool for the job. Thanks again benelliwerkes! I'm very happy with the purchase. Stranger Danger, thanks for the intel, it's appreciated.

PS: from your username I can deduce you are a fan of the Austin Powers movies. They're hilarious! 

Have a great weekend


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