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I figured you guys might get a "KICK" out of these. My wife went with me to do a little shooting this weekend. I was popping off a few shells with my M1 (ever see what 00 BUCK will do to an old junk Chevrolet Caprice?) and she asked me if it kicked hard. I told her not too bad. (Looking back on it I guess thats relative...) She said she wanted to shoot it....


BOOOM!!! (check out the ejected shell to the right of the pic)








She didn't agree that it didn't kick hard, but at least she didn't drop it! Best part is she shot it again a little later.


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Originally posted by tjm:

Don't you folks in Georgia wear ear or eye protection?

Some times if the gun is real loud we will stick out fingers in our ears..... ;)



Originally posted by c.robertson:

Hey, it is Georgia. That is SOUTH of Arkansas.

And we all know what came from Arkansas......

Bill Clinton

Actually GA is east of Arkansas and at about the same latitude, but don't feel bad about be neighbors with Bill and Hillery...Jimmy Carter only lives about 35 miles from me! :D


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