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Factory Chokes for large steel shot.


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by extended i mean tubes that extend beyond the muzzle of the barrel.


when it comes to aftermarket tubes, i am a big fan of briley's extended tubes.


only the new benellis (SBEII, M2, ect) have the new crio systems and yes they have been lengthened inside the muzzle so it is a similar consept. there are also exteneded tubes for the crio systems which, in theory, would produce even better patterns with steel but yet to see any tests.


hope it helps

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tj........I recently got a Briley extended choke [modified/Camo] for my new M2 . Beautiful patterns at 40 yards with #2 Hevi-shot. Can't say its really that much better than the Crio mod choke that came with the gun however! One caution........Remember how Beretta and Benelli chokes were always interchangable?.......No more, with the new generation of Benelli's. The threads are different.

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Originally posted by BG Club:

I have looked all over for the extended choke for my SBE 11 but can`t find them.Where do you go to find them(briley`s).

Briley is making tubes for the SBE II with the Crio. I have 3 of them. They are special order right now. Call Briley direct, and order from them. My tubes were here within 4 days. Great Customer Service.


SRM is also making their Terror Tubes for the SBE II. I would suggest the .675 if you go with them


I do not know about WW, PM, Trulock, Gold or others.


I'm sure other memebers can fill in the blanks.

Hope this helps.

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Sorry for the long delay in the awaited shout back. I

got a great excuse though. I have been doing extensive

research just to answer your question. You believe me?

You better. My clients and I have bagged a dozen

Turkeys in the last three days!

Now what did we use? Well we used Benelli's,

Beretta's, Remington's, Mossberg's and Franchi's. Some

auto-loaders some pumps. All in all everyone used some

sort of Turkey choke with some sort of prefered shot.

At the Pattering board the true results confirmed my

naggin arguments against anysort of Remington loads;

lead, heavyshot,faststeel, heavysteel and even

Hevi-shot! It seems what ever Remington puts out in

ammo just plain SUCKS! Federal and Winchester

Preformed the best hands down.

But guys are guys and in the end they all bagged there

Turkeys so trying to tell them Remington ammo, NOT

guns suck fell on deaf ears. But the patterin board

don't lie! And if you want consistent patterns, no

holes or swags that could cause you to doubt your

shot, when really it was the ammo, don't shoot

Remington, PERIOD!

Now Chokes are a funything, no two chokes are alike in

any two alike guns. But the best choke there is is the

pattern master. Let me tell you why.

A client and I were having a chat and the subject of

chokes came up. I said there is nothing better than a

pattern master. He said his Primos jellyhead was

better. Then every one piped in on the matter and

before you know it five of us were heading down range

with guns and chokes attached to prove our point. Not

just Honor was at stake but BEER TOO!

The bet was made by me. A Case of beer for the guy who

could blow a sheet of 1" plywood in half at forty

yards with six shoots!

When went to my infamous wood pile and pulled out my

next year supply for pit blinds. (I was really stupid,

it cost me a $40 a sheet.)

I elected to go last. Every guy had his turn. And know

one even blew a corner off.

I stepped up to the plate batting my 3.5" Extrema with

3.5" 2 1/4 number four winchester Turkey loads and

fired off a shoot at 40 yards. The plywood lifted off

the tree it was leaning against and fell to the

ground. Somebody went back and put back up. Second

shoot the same and third like wise.

Somebody got a nail and hammer and pinned the sheet to

the pine tree. I reloaded and fired again, and again,

And that fith shoot did it. The plywood tweaked. My

sixth and final shoot split it in two. You could see

each shoot tore off all but the very first layer of

plywood, there 9 layers in a 1" thick sheet. Needles

to say I got a lot of beer and a lot of questions

where to get the PatternMaster. It is so good I took a

70yard headshoot today on a big Tom and killed it out

right. There was eleven holes in his beak and head, 15

in the neck and more scattered elsewhere, even took of

the last joint on his wing.

I suggest you get yourself a real goose gun, SP-10,

Remington's 10 gauge is awesome! And put a pattern

master in it. Or get a Beretta Xtrema 3.5" gun and

patternmaster it aswell. Pumps are fine and I shoot

them as good as a auto, but they have two set backs.

#1 Stubble, mud, and dirt clods can get in between the

action bars and jam them up. Autos action bars are

fully prtected from debri.

#2 Everytime you pump you take yourself briefly off

target and you risk short chucking, Auto do not do


But a lot off autos are inferiorly made and designed,

most designs are over a hundred years old. And the

best two autos there are, hands down, are Benelli's

and Beretta's.

But the Beretta is much better than the Benelli in two

regards. It kick substaniously less and it is more

reliable in cold weather and corrosive elements.

But if you can't make the best move you'll ever make

in buying a gun then atleast by the Pattern Master.

Sold at Sportsmans Wharehouse and Cabela's.

If you keep you Benelli pump get the 4.5" long mercry

recoil reducer and mounting bracket for your

shooulders sake.

If you want to pass shoot geese you will soon find out

the 10ga. is the only real option. You want to shoot

BBB or T shot and use the Pattern Master. It will

deliver 100% shot pellets in a 30" circle at 40 yards.

100% in a 40" circle at 60yds and a wopping 100% in a

60" circle at 100yards!

If you shoot 12 gauge 3.5" mags you will need to use

BBB and T as well. Forget the Hevi-shot stuff! It is

all hype. A client wanted to convince me to switch to

it so bad he bought me two cases of 12 gauge, one 3"

amd the other 3.5". They shot worse than my Federal

Fast steel. Pellets in the Hevi-shot are inconsistent.

They range in size from a 7.5 to a BB and you know

Remington tried that Duplex stuff back in the early

ninties and it sucked too. You need consistent shot

size in your load.

Now here is a lil' tidbit not often told but highly

critical to great patterns.

You must shoot a square load. What's a square load? a

square load is a load that is symetrically equal. As

wide as it is tall. A heavy load of shoot were the

column is longer than it is wide will not pattern as

good as a lighter load that is equally square. So when

shooting a 3.5 12ga. Don't shoot the heavy loads,

shoot lighter faster loads, I shoot 1 1/2 oz shoot

loads and see better results at 70 and 80 yards on big

geese than shooting the heavy 1 9/16 ounce loads. Plus

they go faster and have better penetration.

I hope this can help you in your quest to humainly and

effectively kill more birds.

To sum it up.

1. Get a 10ga. for pass shooting.

2. Get a Pattern Master.

3. Get a Xtrema.

4. Shoot Federal or Winchester Ammo.

5. Shoot a Square load.

6. Lead.

7. Follow through.

8. Shoot quiker.

9. shoot again to make sure.

10. AND: Take a kid out hunting with you.

Write me again.


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