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"Is dem bullits?"


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Living in a small town has its distinct disadvantages when it comes to many things.


Submitted as exhibit A is the phone conversation I just had with my local sporting goods store (aka Wal-Mart).


"Sporting Goods, please"...

'Hello, dis is spoating guds'

"Yes, do you have any steel or hevi shot in 12 guage 3 and a half inch?"

[i figured this was about as far as I'd dare to tax the sharp mind of the Wal-Mart sporting goods counter person. If they got this close, I'd make the drive and look for the particular brand/size combination in person.]


different voice - 'Hullo'

"Hello, I'm checking to see if you have any steel or hevi shot in 12 ga. - 3 and a half inch."

'Is dem bullits?'

"Never mind"


So, tomorrow I drive past Wal-Mart and go 30 miles out of my way to the nearest bonafide sporting goods store to purchase ammunition for my upcoming duck/goose hunt on Friday.


Wal-Mart is a plague, slowly eating away at this once great nation. Their low prices force knowledgable shop keepers out of business and we are left minimum wage kids and old people who don't "bullits" from shotshells.

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I agree whole heartedly another thing that most people don’t realize is that Wal-Mart’s suppliers often change there products to meet Wally’s cheep prices. Ever take notice of how cheep they sell there Beretta A390. That weapon is only available at Wally world. I will pay 5$ more a case for shotgun shells at my local gun shop than buy any thing at Wally world.

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They don’t have to put any special mark on the weapon the serial # tells all. And Wally world sells Beretta’s the a 390 is one if you by it at Wally world its 350-500 it was 500 when it came out then it dropped to 350 I was going to buy one for my wife till I called a Beretta dealer out side of Wally world and asked him what was up and he gave me the lowdown on the crap that they try to pass off to unsuspecting consumers. If a 391 cost 1200 why does the 390 cost 350.… because there different’ in some way. Trust me if you break something that is purchased at wally world and take it to an out side expert to have it fixed they can tell. Buy a dewalt cordless drill at home depot then take it to an authorized out side repair shop and they will tell you straight up that it’s a home depot tool it happened to a friend of mine. But Wally world is so huge and powerful that there vendors will never cross them.

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I'm sorry thats just funny, nice and simple and the other side doesn't know what happened.


the only thing I buy at walmart is patches and wool mops, basic cleaning supplies.


My brother-in-law, and I mean that literally the had to pass law to make us related, went down to walmart to get a scope. thats right he went to walmart to buy a scope! The "old guy behind the counter" said that he should get the simmons 32mm objective lens because it is easier to see through and last longer than the 3-9x50mm leo scope. It was so hard for him to keep from laughing that he just said "thankyou and paced out the door.

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