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High horse


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Ya know some of you people need to get off your high horses and realize that we all have the same interests, SHOOTING and HUNTING.


I just don't understand some of you people, If you don't spell correctly or use correct paragraphing some of you rush to log in and create a post to call them on it and that's it, not to answer their question but to ridicule them about proper grammar.


Then when a new member posts a question about a topic that may have been written about already some of you rush to log in and reply to the new member that basically they have just made a grave mistake by not using the search tool to find the topic.


Did it ever occur to you that some people that are new to somthing would just like to ask a question to someone that has been at it awhile and with far more experiance than them.


Man I would hate to think that any of you have KIDS, what do you do when your kids come home from school or day care and ask a simple question that to most is common knowledge??? Do you jump down there throat and tell them to go use the search button?? Or just tell them to go ask someone that cares??


Just stop and think about it when you were a little green behind the ears and asked an elder about something you were interested in did they treat you like an idiot.


Now I know when most of you were getting into waterfowling that not all of you knew how to blow a call rather it be goose or duck, recently I called Tim Grounds and Buck Gardner to ask them a few questions about calling and shooting, they were both very happy to help and they corrected me on some things with a totally positive attitude, and they have been asked the same questions over and over again.


It's hard to believe that some of you even hunt, with the number of posts that some have how DO you find time to hunt???


Now I own a Benelli just like most of you, but I guess I don't feel like that gives me the right to look down on someone!!!


So next time someone asks, what to you is a stupid question, put your self in their shoes and think about it, any dummy can tell them to use the search tool, but only someone that knows the answer can politely tell them the answer.



I guess that some people just need to get a LIFE!!!

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your right Rooster...


i think the guy by the name of *ucker needs to slow down a bit you are right DU4LIFE25 about what you said in the other thread and it seems that wherever there is an argument *ucker seems to be there starting more trouble thinking he knows everything.


anywho i agree Rooster you are 100% right.

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Hey, how about you don't spam every forum with this? I just read it in the main forum and replied and now find it here too? What's up with that?


If anything this makes it look like your trying to pick a fight. A couple guys jumping on the bandwagon and encouraging you doesn't make you right.


If I scream my opinion at the top of my lungs it doesn't make me right - it just makes me loud. Same principle here - by posting this in more than one spot here in the Benelli forums it makes your point look like spam to me.


Also, did you notice you're gathering up the villagers that want to carry a torch or pitchfork, rather than follow your advice? I'm sure that wasn't your intent, but that's the joy of the internet... your point can easily get watered down and washed away when just anyone and their brother can post and detract from it.


I'd stick with one forum when posting something like this. It's annoying to read the same thing in several forums on the same board.

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Cute. And you wonder why some people respond the way they do in these forums? Maybe it's because of your attitude, but that's just a guess. I've nothing against someone being a smart@ss, as long as it's funny - you just don't happen to have been funny with that reply, but rather you contradict what you preach in your initial post. Thumbs up on that one.


Bottom line is, I came to these forums as a complete stranger and newbie to Benelli firearms. I know exactly nothing about shotguns - I figure at best I'm a novice. Sure, I can go out and knock birds or clays out of the sky, but I still figure I'm too new to most of this to be much help to anyone. That's why when you see me reply to someones question it's something that any Joe-blow could look up. And it's why you'll see me ask newbie type questions.


Regardless of all that, Tucker has been someone to help not only myself, but countless others - a great guy to know. We've never met in person but I can tell you that I think he's a stand-up guy and he is someone I would gladly hunt with.


Most people are offended when the obvious is pointed out to them. Again I would have to say this is due to a lack of common sense - on their part. If you're going to post crap about others, and preach decency to others, then at least have that same decency to point out the good they do as well.


A hypocrite is defined as a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.


I think that comes down to the old saying: practice what you preach.


I don't know you, and I have no reason to dislike you, not even after your last comment. I will however continue to form an opinion of you based upon future interactions. No skin off your back I'm sure, that is unless you were hoping to seem better than the guys you were preaching about in your initial post. Right?

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See it's not appreciated when you get a smart @ss comment when you post somthing is it???


The point of my initial post was not to point fingers at tucker, but to open the eyes of every person that posts on this forum!


All I'm saying is we should welcome and encourage all new persons to this forum, because with out new blood in the hunting world it may be gone one day.

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Your intent wasn't to point fingers at anyone but the responses here that were negatively directed at one person went unanswered, by anyone. Only when someone else came in and said it was hypocritical to the initial point was anything said.


Seems odd, but... ok. Like I said, I don't have any reason to dislike anyone here so...

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